t y x

Love. A special force. That conquers all. Yields to none. Foundation of life.

And yet, what pain it can cause in relationships. How difficult it at times can be. What torment it can inflict upon our lives – shattering – never to be the same again…. But yet we do it, and we keep on doing it – seeking love – and all our past loves we carry with us, as small but important lessons, lest we forget.

Like water flowing down a new hill, new territory. It will get stuck in a niche, a crevice, pressure will build up, and if the niche is not solid, which it never is, it will break, so the water can continue to flow. And it will repeat it – flowing, building, breaking – all the way down the hill, until the water has carved out a route where it can flow freely for the rest of its ‘life’.

I want to say thank you to my ex-girlfriends, flirts and flings. I like them, I love them, I respect them, and I regret nothing. They all saw things, in me or in the world, that I was blind to before, and it has taught me a lot. In a way I am sorry that we broke up but I also forgive that that was what happened. It were niches, and they broke, bursted, and I believe we have all found better ways to flow since.


Thank you X1, for thinking I looked like Jimi Hendrix/Bob Marley, and for introducing me to good music.


Thank you X2, for letting me play the role of ‘the bold adventurer’, to seek you out as the beautiful treasure you are.


Thank you X3, for showing me myself and loving that about me which I didnt even know had any value, and for teaching me that life is about doing what brings you joy.


Thank you X4, for showing me what it means to love someone with unlimited dedication, and for your never-ending graciously uplifting attitude.


Thank you X5, for journeying with me, bringing me to yoga and feminism (and the importance of being physically grounded) and teaching me to not take any crap from anyone.


Thank you X6, for showing me a bigger world, and for ‘connecting’ me, in so many different ways.


Thank you X7, for opening me up to energy, spirituality and cross-religion studies. And for teaching me that everything is OK.


Thank you X8, for taking active interest in me by listening and asking questions. Making me understand I have something to say.

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