No carte blanche

As women, we need to respect men – always. Your ‘brother’ (including any male friends), father, and husband… Why? Because your brother is your sister, you can confine in him and he will have empathy for what you are going through. Because your father is your mother, he wants the best for you and will love you no matter what. Because your husband is your wife, he will give you his all as long as you love him, but if you start taking him for granted or abusing him, it will not be well.

As men, we need to respect women – always. Your ‘sister’ (including female friends), mother and wife… Why? Because your sister is your brother, she will always be there for you, to talk to, to help you or to chill out with and take you out to somewhere fun. Because your mother is your father, working hard to support your and she will make you understand the difference between good actions and bad. Because your wife is your husband, if you start taking advantage of her or beating her, she will beat and take advantage of you, and you will feel the hurt as it hits.


This was a 10min writeup, it is bound to represent a stereotypical generalised image of ‘things’. So feel free to add your comments.


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