It was Sesame…. all along it was Sesame

When I first came to Nigeria in December, I was taken to visit a school garden where the students had planted corn, cassava and something which I have forgotten now. Well done students, I like the concept of school gardens a lot and think it should be a human right for all children to know where there food comes from, in the educational environment of a school with someone to facilitate that… But I already knew about corn, so I asked one of the students to go with me to take a closer look at what else that grew up between all the planted ones. One of the first plants I asked about was this:

I hadnt seen it before and it looked very funny. I thought it was from the Lily family but I couldnt really determine the pistons and stamens nor petals and sepals of the flower to know for sure… Maybe a pea-family because of the ‘protruding lip’ on the flower?…. In any case I also dont know how to differentiate the family that Sesame belongs to.

Here’s the picture they have on Wikipedia 

The boy told me a local name, tavu, and said it was a weed and not useful for anything, not edible and no medicinal value either – a useless plant….

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