A theory of genitals

Generalizations are always bad, so lets jump straight into it:


  • Genitals: Pussy, primarily internal, invisible to self (requires a mirror)
  • Sexuality: Primarily ‘internal’, based on feelings, emotions, fantasies, thoughts, ‘impressions’
  • Awareness: Typically more ‘holistic/divided’, split out across multiple aspects of her own body and her being-in-the-world-impact on others in various relations. Plethora, change/dynamism, seduction/attention, “I am/I have”. Body sends out strong/visible monthly cues that require immediate change in focus and personal agenda.



  • Genitals: Dick, primarily external, visible to self
  • Sexuality: Primarily ‘external’, based on sight, visible stimuli, physical motion, ‘expressions’
  • Awareness: Typically more ‘directed’ on the visible aspects of body and being in the world. Muscles, power, loudliness, “I want/I need”. Body sends out subtle/invisible monthly cues that do not require immediate change in focus and personal agenda.


What does it mean?

Social implications ~ gender dimorphism plus plus:

  • General storyline of women
    • Early childhood: Mama says be nice, be a proper girl, daddy says dont go out alone. Dont go play with the boys.
    • Preteen, teenager: Your body starts to explode, you bleed, you feel hurt, no one told you this would happen – every male in the universe suddenly starts sending you very weird looks, men in their teens, 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s etc… EVERY MAN tries to hit on you or check out your body. Some even grope on you. You dont know what a limit is, but you know the feeling of something that is wrong.
    • Teenager, early adolescent: You finally succumb to the pressure. Trying to be nice as your mama wanted you to be, but also giving in to the sexual pressure that the men want from you and the sexual desire you have and dont yet understand. Torn?
    • 20s: You are now totally on your own for the first time. Trying to balance work, study and love…. love? What the fuck is love, it’s just a million men who want to penetrate my every orifice without consideration and then leave me feeling lonely the next day – dont they see my struggle? This is a nightmare! And what about kids? Ironic?
    • 30s: Your desires are still with you but you are not so eager to try and please others anymore, you have finally had enough of bad experiences. You are taking it back home to focus on your self, fuck anyone who cant appreciate the full you… but at the same time your hormones, the biological clock is still pumping, where are the babies – this is seriously fucked up, but OK lets just try breathing. Deep
    • 40s: You may or may not have found the partner in life who truly appreciates you, but you have your baby to think of and look after. And you have your career in place, hardworking day by day.
    • 50s+: Your kids are growing up and are becoming independent, that leaves more time for you to tune into what you want out of your life.
  • General storyline of men
    • Early childhood: Playtime. Parents seem occupied getting my sister to behave. Good that I dont have any of that crap, hope she learns her lesson – Me? I’m superman, fighting villains day and night.
    • Preteen, teenager: Yeah, what the fuck just happened? All the girls in our class are exploding and we are being invaded by a lot of older guys suddenly. Dont they see I’m still just trying to play with these toys? Not sure what to do – either I can join the crowd, maybe try defending my girlfriend or maybe I should just get out of this zoo and keep my focus on my own games and toys.
    • Teenager, early adolescent: Yeah, women are pretty hot. For sure I would like to have sex, it looks awesome. And just look at this big dick I suddenly have in my pants! Lets get this fucking on!!… or maybe this whole sex-thing still feels a bit weird. I mean just look at them, they are completely flooded with hormones and dont know shit about what they are doing – they are causing so much hurt and pain. People call me shy, but I think I’m simply just knowledgeable enough to get out of a bad ride early. Life is about learning and I still have a lot of hobbies that I can focus on.
    • 20s: Constantly on tinder, checking out girls… getting myself into various fights… or turning my hobbies into million-dollar companies.
    • 30-40s: Ok, so there was this thing called marriage – what was that again? Alright, I have a lot of experience sweettalking the ladies by now, so let me just try with this one, she is still hot.. Or maybe I too have had enough bad experiences. Maybe I too have learnt how to find a true soulmate…. Or maybe it’s time for me to get a new hobby – now that I finally have the money why shouldnt I spend it and be fucking all those women that I never got to fuck in my teens and 20s?
    • 50s+: My body is not working the way it used to. Why did no one ever tell me about this, this is embarrassing, I thought I had everything under control… Doctors? I have never been to a doctor… Either I get more angry, or wait, there was this girl who tried telling me about this fluffy-energy-mindfulness something something – maybe I should try that out. Maybe I’m lucky enough to have a supporting wife cause I would never have realized this on my own. Time to study deep and appreciate the subtler nuances of life and history.
  • Classical men-women constellations:
    • The kind, sweet woman and the brute, dominating man
    • The shy guy and the prostitute

Same same, but different

  • Periods
    • Women: bleeding, mood disorders…
    • Men: inflamations, mood disorders…

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