Application for ‘dreamjob’

Let me start by giving thanks to Contra and their courses on creating CV, their advice for me personally, and their good work in general, etc.

My time as a volunteer is over and it is time to find some ‘real work’. I havent made a proper application ever, nor been searching for any openings for a long time. But I do have a somewhat tangible idea of what I would like to do, so I just tried to run with that, and this is the result. Enjoy the reading 🙂


In the application below I’m not really stating what kind of job I’m looking for specifically – I like to keep things open, and frankly, whatever job that meets the expectations I have set, would be a good job for me. But let me briefly just try to specify what it is that ‘I want to do’:

  1. I want to make food more free. Free of charge, free of hassle, and free of stupidity. For anyone.
  2. I want to make communication more free. Free of charge, free of hassle, and free of stupidity. For anyone.
  3. I want to re-store(1)/re-forest(1,2)/re-wild/re-habituate the deserts of the world, and/or do something else that sucks out all the CO2 emissions from the atmosphere.


The Idealised Application

I’m sending you this application because I feel I resonate well with the values of this company and will be able to use my own qualifications and experiences in the work proposed, for the betterment of myself as well as the company. Like the company, I also feel that ‘caring for the earth ’ is the most important task of this century, and that good teamwork, ‘caring for people’, is the way to get there. I admire the many ways that these values already shine out from the work being carried out at your company.

Now let’s get more specific about me. I’m 33 years. My education at ITU and RUC, with my specialty in Interaction Design and Ubiquitous Computing, has enabled me to find out (/research) and create (/develop) ‘what people want’, specifically about designing and implementing ‘experiences’. My education as a Permaculture Designer has enabled me to find out and create ‘what nature wants’, specifically about designing and implementing sites of perpetual growth and prosperity with little to no human maintenance efforts except for harvesting.

My work experience as a test engineer at Phase One from Feb. 2010 to Aug. 2016, led me to understand that yes, I can truly work hard and achieve good results that are of value to even the most ‘picky’ people on the planet, where anything less than perfection is a loss to the company.

My work experience as a freelancer since 2009 and onwards, and as CEO of Sammensuriet since Dec 2015, has similarly led me to understand that I have a diversity of skills that can be of value to people and planet if I can only finetune and find focus for them.

More than anything else, I consider myself a geek with an agenda – to do good things.

The following pages of my CV attests to these claims.

The ‘brutto’ CV

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