The un intentional sabotage of the dreamer.

A sobering and down to earth account of a good friend. Self-care is not easy when we become too caught up with our own ideas of ‘should’ and ‘shouldnt’… but we learn – over time, with time, in time, with patience.. and curiosity. And that’s good, cause many modern mediciners seem to be too busy to genuinely help.

Crazy Mind Blog

Up down up down and on and on

In september 2015 I was sat in the Bi-polar treatment centre in Copenhagen as the doctor across me tried to see if I would be diagnosed with Bi-Polar.  He sat with a plain white piece of paper and asked me to tell him of all my ups and downs from late teens until the present day.  I obliged and he proceeded to draw a squiggly line that went up, then down, then a little bit straight for a while and then up and then down again.  He continued with a look of concentration until he ran out of paper.  He turned the paper to me and exclaimed “Thats Bi-Polar”   A week later he took that piece of paper and presented my case to his colleagues and they all agreed, it definitely looked like Bi-polar and so it was, I was Bi-polar.


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